Upload Swimming Results

Uploading Results is very simple. There is no cost to upload your results and anyone can see them by going to our home page swimming.aspimeetz.com and going to our search meets section. Below are the instructions for uploading your meet results to our web site:

1. Within Hy-Tek you must select File/Export/Results for Team Manager or SWIMS

2. After selecting that, Hy-Tek will prompt for the results you would like to export (review this screen but most likely you will not need to change anything).

3. Hy-Tek will then display a Export File Progress box (this will take a few seconds). Once it is complete click on the OK button.

4. Next you will be prompted to save the file to a directory on your computer. Click OK to save the file. It is important to remember where the file is saved.

5. The next screen will show you the name of the file and the directory that the file was saved in. The name of the export file will be the same as your Hy-Tek file with a dash and three numbers on the end with a .zip extension (i.e. filename-001.zip). Note that the number on the end will increase by one each time you export so the second time you export it will be filename-002.zip.

6. Once the file has been saved to your hard drive then click on the Browse button below and find the file saved in step 5. Then click the Upload Results button.

Please make sure the file being uploaded includes all teams that participated in the meet (not just the host school). This is set in step 2 above (in Hy Tek) you must make sure that the Team drop down box is blank.

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